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Does it really matter what camera we have?

Now I'm all for innovation and love that cameras and technology are constantly evolving but is it just me? Or am I the only one who feels the stupid pressure to have the latest tech and for what?

Up until two years ago my main camera was a Nikon D700, this camera was made in 2009 and at the time was a very expensive investment. So that makes it a ten year old camera! Not one of my clients or models ever said "Oh that's a bit old and past it" when I was shooting but in my head I kept thinking I needed to upgrade my camera. The D700 worked just fine but was it good enough anymore?

I then went and brought a Fuji XT1 as an experiment to see how I got on and I loved it. It became my main camera and was a revelation to reduce some of the weight of the camera. It wasn't full frame but the results were fantastic and I was so pleased with the results I went and got the Fuji XT2.  Now this was a vanity purchase, I didn't need it but again I loved how it felt and worked and the images produced looked brilliant. It made me feel like a true step up had been taken from the D700, or perhaps I have just improved as a photographer.

Taken on the Fuji XT1

As soon as I brought my XT2, the XH1 comes out and then a few months later the XT3 appeared, then the XT4. It has faster this and that and more bits per what ever.

I only work with photographers who have the latest tech

Now from progressing from the D700 to the XT1 to the XT2 none of the clients said to me, "what camera are you using? Oh I'm not going to work with you, I only work with photographers who have the latest tech"

The only people who cared were other photographers on Instagram, but who am I trying to impress? Other photographers are not going to pay me to take photos, the only opinions I should be listening to are those who like my photos or want to hire.

It does seem that at the moment that gadgets are the thing that makes great photos, gadgets and Lightroom presets. But what we should be looking at is the art of the photo, is it well composed, lit beautifully, have interesting subject matter, expression, mood. But! and this may just be me, I feel this silly pressure to go out and buy drones, new bodies, gimbals, 360 heads just because everyone else is.

There is this strange peer pressure that I think only photographers feel and I think its because every day we are looking at other photographers on social media producing amazing images and we go. "If only I had a Sony whatcha-ma-call-it and a Mavic DJI blah blah I'd be just as a good..." When in reality we should be investing our hard earned money to go on a trip, to hire a venue, a model or in education. That's how we will improve.

What are your thoughts? Should we be upgrading every few months to stay relevant or can we make it with what we have?

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