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The Edwardian Photo Shoot - Part Two

Getting multiple looks in one photoshoot is such a good idea. I have done this in the past as it allows you to experiment with lighting but when Beth said her sister Jordan would be up for modelling on the same day I jumped at the chance.

If you didn't see the first entry about this photo shoot I would advise you to go back to my blog and have a look at part one.

For the look of Jordan I wanted to create a contrast to the styling we did for Beth. I wanted to create a more etherial, lighter look, so the two sisters would be in contrast to each other.

Jordan has this incredible long hair which flows down her shoulders and I really wanted to highlight this with the lighting.

I still wanted quite a formal pose to the pictures and the way Beth styled the hair and make up made it feel as though her character was more in tune with nature and life than the contrasting dark of Beth's character.

Jordan has some amazing eyes and the makeup and lighting really helped to make them pop.

As a character study I think we really achieved some strong images in creating these.

A change of editing style

During the editing process I decided to have a bit of an experiment and see if I could in fact make the image look like it stepped out of a fairy tale in this one. The lighting was softer and over exposed, so it was the perfect one to play around with and try something different from my usual editing style. I'm not entirely sure it's my favourite look but if you don't try things you will never know if they will be successful or not.

Daguerreotype Edit

I had really enjoyed making the daguerreotype edit of the photo of Beth so I wondered if I could try doing the same with the photos of Jordan.

I feel this was the most successful of the two images I edited in this style and when you place the two images of Beth and Jordan together they work really well as a set.

Even in the sepia tones you can still see the contrast between the two characters.

The Final Set

So there is one more set of images to share from this photoshoot and it was the first time I had photographed two people modelling together. I will post these as a separate blog entry but it is quite amazing what you can achieve in a small room in a house with some studio lighting.

Which has been your favourite looks so far? or what would you do to improve the photos if I was to do this shoot again? All constructive feedback is very welcome. Let me know in the comments of send me an email.

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