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The frosts of Cannock Chase

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

So 2017 has rolled round and it has been a very long time since I wrote on this blog so this year I’m going to resurrect it.

January 2017 and it’s started out to be a cold one. I awoke on Saturday 21st and was ready to go cycling but the frosts and ice had descended upon the small town of Lichfield, so cycling wasn’t going to happen. With the prospects of not doing much looming I decided against this and took hold of my early awakening and headed to Cannock Chase with my dog Dylan.

It was a very odd and creepy morning, the frosts were hanging on the trees and ground, making the walk a very slippery affair. Not long after arriving fog decided to join us to make the forests that bit more creepy as the ice melted and all around me in the trees I could hear noises like elves peaking and treading on the leaves.

Dylan was most excited by this possibility and hurtled off into the under growth for an explore. I think he was on the scent of deer as he was in proper hunting mode, tearing left and right and coming back to get me. Looking at me like why aren’t you following!

These are the few photos I took on that day so have a little browse through. I think some have some possibilities as potential locations to do a staged theatrical photoshoot. I’ve lots of ideas buzzing around at the moment and the black eye girl of Cannock Chase is still lurking in my head. I think I could really do something interesting with this modern day folk tale.


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